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Welcome to the best places to dive in the world. With so many options available a comprehensive list is a must to maximize your time.

Best Places to Go Scuba Diving

Enjoy the list below learning about what the earth has to offer under the sea. Find stunning and one of a kind views!

Monterey Bay, CA

Divers from all over the country travel to the Monterey Bay area. Yearly, more than 65,000 of them come. Divers are drawn to the kelp forest and underwater canyon for their distinctive aesthetic, but they also appreciate the superb clarity and safe environment.

Morehead City, NC

The moniker "Graveyard of the Atlantic" comes from the estimated 2000 shipwrecks that litter the North Carolina coastline. Filled with ships that were sunk by Hitler's U-boat force while navigating the outer waters are among the most magnificent things to see.

Bonne Terre, MO

The area used to have a working mine, but was filled with fresh water after the mine was abandoned without packing up or cleaning out any mining gear. Today, you may go diving with a guide on any of the mine's 24 paths.

Puget Sound, WA

The Puget Sound features around 75 shore-diving spots that are easily accessible to anybody interested in seeing this diverse underwater world. It is 100 miles long, 10 miles broad, and has a maximum depth of 930 feet, covering a large region.

Lake Huron, MI

The waters of southern Lake Huron provide a unique setting for scuba divers, including animals, shipwrecks, clean water, and shoreline dives.

Kona, HI

Due to the region's volcanic history, Kona diving provides some rare and intriguing aquatic scenery. The tour through Kona's vibrant reefs is filled with cave systems, gigantic rocks, caverns, and more.

Never went scuba diving?
No worries!

No matter what company you go through to go diving, it will be a phenomenal experience. At the end of the day, the location that you want to dive at will determine the most important things that you want to see. From ship wrecks, caves, or to marine life there is plenty to see for everyone.


Testimonials by Scuba Divers

"If you wanna learn how to scuba this is the place. John was an amazing teacher and the entire staff (Hunter and Rebecca to name a few) at the shop are really rooting for your success. I’m looking forward to be part of the Monterey bay scuba community!"

Monterey Bay Scuba Location: Monterrey Bay, CA

"The vacation was made much more delightful by the owner. They have a comfy boat with an excellent diving platform and ladder. If you want to go diving, I recommend contacting them and booking a trip."

Sterling Location: Lake Huron, MI

"What a great experience. The instructor/staff were great. The were very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. The mine was a very unique and unbelievable great diving experience. This training will help to make our family very well qualified drivers for future excursions in the diving world. My whole family had nothing but great things to say about the experiece."

Bonne Terre Mine Tours - West End Diving Location: Bonne Terre, MO

"Love the Sound Dive Center! They're super patient, knowledgable, fun, safe and hilarious. You can tell they're a family- and they welcomed our class right in. I'm proud to say I'm scuba certified thanks to them. I can't wait to share pictures of my future adventures with you all! And saw octopus today...I mean it doesn't get better than that. Thanks, guys and gals!"

Sound Dive Center Location: St. Bremerton, WA